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Allow merging when duplicates found on contact import

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    anonymousanonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
    Dennis ScottDennis Scott shared a merged idea: Allow us to overwrite existing contacts  ·   · 
    CasperCasper shared a merged idea: Merge imported contacts with existing contacts  ·   · 
    Antony HumphreysAntony Humphreys shared a merged idea: Allow users to Import updated CSV that updates existing records and adds new  ·   · 
    GregGreg shared a merged idea: Use Export/Import to update or revise database (overwrite existing info with new info)  ·   · 
    GlennGlenn shared a merged idea: When I import a contact and it matches an existing contact, it should merge the two.  ·   · 
    JennyJenny shared a merged idea: I would like to have the ability to update existing contacts when I import.  ·   · 
    Joshua WaldmanJoshua Waldman shared a merged idea: include a merge feature for contact imports  ·   · 
    Mark McCurryMark McCurry shared a merged idea: Update Contacts  ·   · 
    KimKim shared a merged idea: Import new items to existing contacts  ·   · 

    You can now update contacts using a csv import. There are options to either only add new details or you can choose an additional option to overwrite certain details such as name, organisation, job title and custom fields.

    You can read more about this in the announcement on our blog: https://capsulecrm.com/blog/comments/better-duplicate-checking-and-merging-on-import/

    We also have a support article around this if you need more help: https://capsulecrm.com/support/import/#updating-contacts-on-import

    Any questions on this just send us an email to support@capsulecrm.com and we’ll be happy to help.

    Enjoy the new feature!


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      • Dan FairbairnDan Fairbairn commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        totally agree with last poster, this is so important. We just imported our Xero contacts but now I'd love to get this list out to Excel and get our VA to go through and get all company data which is blank currently (missing addresses etc.) and then import back in. In regards to what to match surely use the capsule ID as this will be unique. You can still have it that generic imports won't merge but if you export lists, update and then reimport, this should always update current. This is the way every other solution handles it.

      • Danielle WaltonDanielle Walton commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        1) I have hundreds of records with BLANK fields that need updating. It makes sense for me to export this list based on the fields I have selected (even if I have to do it one field at a time), save as a CSV, update the CSV accordingly and import back to Capsule with an 'overwrite feature' (overwriting ALL fields 90% of which will be the same anyway). I can't stress how helpful this type of feature would be!!! Please please please add this in...
        If we get the wrong data in the wrong fields or columns (don't see how we can given that we have already exported as per CRM) then we correct our CSV and try again - easy!
        2) Mailchimp Invalid - this for me is a BIG problem. I have over 2000 records that need cleansing. Email bounces due to client moves or other. I want to export the data that needs cleansing to CSV and give the cleansing job to a freelancer. Once the CSV file is cleansed I can import the updated CSV to CRM with the 'overwrite feature'. I would also need to remove the Mailchimp invalid tags which I presume I could do on the CSV which would be reflected in the 'overwrite import'.

        WE REALLY NEED something like this....when will it be available?????? :-)

      • Mary ButlinMary Butlin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Just to add to my previous comment - perhaps there could be two matching options: Email and Capsule ID number. Email address would be the simple and most used version. But if a user wished to put in more time to matching up to existing Capsule records, they could decide for themselves whether to match on name, postal address etc. They'd do this via a full export from Capsule, then matching their data using Excel/alternative to create an Import file with the new data matched to Capsule IDs. I've used other systems that work this way and it's really helpful to allow the advanced user more options - it also means the onus is on the user to get the matching right, not on Capsule.

      • Mary ButlinMary Butlin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I agree with Robin on this - a really helpful addition would be 'Default behaviour for a list import' - i.e. either ignore or add the potential duplicates. I spend a lot of time clicking individual records to make sure potential dupes get imported (for subsequent manual merging) which is really annoying. I hope this would be a simple addition?

        In terms of auto-merging, my feeling would be to match on email address - if there are more than one matches, don't merge but spit out a CSV file the organisation can work through manually. I think it should be a setting on whether or not to over-write the Name field with the new data, or keep it as per Capsule record (in which case add the alternative name as a note). For the other queries, work phone, tags, custom fields etc. I think it should be a setting whether you over-write existing data fields or keep Capsule as is, most of the time it's about appending more information rather than over-writing existing information.

        Lastly re-running the import merge on the corrected file (in the event of an error) sounds like a good alternative to an 'undo' function which I realise would be a lot of development work.

        As per other comments, best to make decisions on all of the above and release some functionality rather than leaving us with no functionality - i.e. having to click through hundreds of records so that duplicate data still gets imported, and then having to manually merge many records.

        A CSV/Excel report of those that didn't get imported would be really useful.

      • Robin CarswellRobin Carswell commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Two user stories
        1. Select default behaviour for a list
        As a list uploader, I would like to select a default selected behaviour for the list I upload (ignore / add), so that I don't have to click through the default behaviour currently implemented (a really long click marathon)

        2. Allow merge as default behaviour
        As a list uploader, I would like the option of merging "suspected duplicates", so that I don't have to manually merge each one later (another click marathon). This would expand the list above to allow auto-merge as a default option

      • GrahamGraham commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Hi Duncan, I'm with Ian Curry on this, it's a serious weakness. Whatever you call it (merge, bulk update, whatever) the impact is that once your contact / org data is loaded you cannot execute any changes (apart form add a tag, or delete) to the data except one at a time. For items with data tags it makes even less sense. The whole point of a data tag is that it can be used programmatically somehow. The solution might be to write a bulk update tool that uses the API, we're looking at this at the moment. If that works we'll licence it to other capsule users.

      • Ian CurryIan Curry commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        New users to Capsule and seriously disappointed with the inability to import data to update people/organisations. A very simple implementation with warnings would be far better than doing nothing for 5 years!!

        So the scenario is I have multiple files that contain a column that is a key field e.g. email address. I have another column that I then want to load into a custom field or data tag where the key field matches.

        We are still in trial period and this is seriously impacting on our ability to add value to the data and ultimately run our business.

      • Mark E FellingMark E Felling commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        The complexity of your questions comes down to different usage scenarios. SIMPLIFY. Import Profiles that contain predefined default of import logic for ease-of-use but also full flexibility (MIGRATION, UPDATE, or ADVANCED). These two different primary usage scenarios is what is causing all of the confusion and differences in user responses. Advanced allows your user to select an import profile for defaults then a pulldown box for each data field with selection to: (Overwrite, Ignore, Add Secondary). This then accommodates all usage scenarios including custom fields and custom data tags.

        Ability to undo an import mistake is important but is easy to solve with your current UI. Add "Imported" Data Tag to all imported records with a [Date - Time] data tag value. In this way on UI front end, all imported records will be easily identified, and using your search tool one can select all records imported at a specific date and time to "Undo Import" en masse if there was an error. During the import, make a copy in a separate "import backup's table" of all records that are modified (overwritten or values added) during the import with the same "Imported" Data Tag with date and time. To undo you simply first delete all records with the matching data tag and then restore the records from the backup table with the matching data tag. Or even better give the user the ability to do each of these two steps so they can choose to restore only overwritten records and leave all new records imported.

        Name + E-mail match. Before import prompt user if e-mail matches but Name does not, (i.e. Bob Smith vs. Bob G. Smith vs. Smith, Bob) whether to create new contact or after import show a list of conflicts and allow user to select which one is correct. User can decide based on size of import. If name matches exactly but e-mail does not, same question for user: create additional contact or add e-mail to existing contact.

        All other fields Add Secondary by default (when possible) and overwrite custom fields and data tags by default. Or user can select Advanced and change any field to overwrite existing and not add secondary if they know the data being imported is more current or to ignore values being imported if they know the data in capsule is more current.

        -If Name Matchs but e-mail does not, then (User Specified before import: update existing e-mail or add secondary).
        -If e-mail matches but name does not then update name.
        -If neither name nor e-mail match create new Contact record
        -For all other records, overwrite existing by default. Or user can specify in Advanced to Add Secondary (when possible) or ignore for custom fields and data tags.

        OK, I think I have solved your problem for all possible scenarios. Future import logic can be handled by adding a new import scenario without modifying the rest of the code. Now you guys get it implemented so we can all use it! Otherwise only option is to use Nutshell CRM or Podbox/tool to pull together/clean data first before importing (at least for migration scenario)

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        To me the answer ie easy. Give the responsibility to the user (us) with three choices
        1) - For new emails: Add contact + opportunity
        2) - For existing emails: Update contact fields + Add opportunity
        3) - For existing emails: Update EMPTY contact fields + Add opportunity

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        If the name is different on the record being imported do we overwrite?
        NO definitely match name + email, add secondary value if they are different from the one in existing record
        If the updated data in the import contains a ‘work phone’ column, should we update existing ‘work phone’ records or should we add a secondary ‘work phone’
        ADD a 2nd
        What if the ‘work phone’ column is blank for a particular customer, but populated on their contact record in Capsule? Should we remove the existing number or ignore?

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I would also like to be able to do this - and cannot understand why it is not possible to automate a refresh of existing records, given that each contact, organisation and opportunity has a Unique Reference Number (URN) / ID.

        Is there a reason that the IDs are not visible within each record on screen?

        Is the ability to be able to import batch updates to existing contacts in development please?

        Thank you

      • RevensonRevenson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        We need some forward progress on this. Something is better than the current options.

        Maybe there could be a score based match. The more pieces of data that match (name, email, phone, address, etc), the higher the score. Then we get to chose. If a user selectable score for match exists, corresponding to multiple pieces of data matching, then merge.

        Please make some improvement!

      • Alec KinnearAlec Kinnear commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Hi Duncan,

        We use the Freshbooks integration very heavily and have run into problems with merging contacts (you have to merge in the Freshbooks one, not merge to). It makes merging very fussy. Could you set up the merging to grab the Freshbooks match and hang onto it except in case of conflict please? Ideally then there would be a question about which Freshbooks account to match.


      • Web-ideasWeb-ideas commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I've spent a while checking Capsule to make sure it meets my client's requirements and it looks great. However I came upon this stumbling block today. They need to regularly upload updates to contacts and I'd assumed that Import would do the job but alas no! I'm a developer so I'm going to have to implement my own Update facility (for People) via the API. Would this be of use to anyone else?

      • Pippa Russell Pippa Russell commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Definately you need to create the ability to merge. Updating files singuarly in Capsule is too time consuming. Currently we are exporting lists and updating details in the CSV and want to reimport them. If a field is blank then it should retain the current inserted text. If there is text on any imports to merge it should overwrite the current data.

        Alternatively come up with a faster easier way for us to update many files rather than singluarly.

      • KaiKai commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        One use case is the export of some contacts, edit them in excel, and then import the changes. In this case it would be sufficient to include some sort of internal ID/Number which can be used to match the imported contacts to existing ones.

      • gsbgsb commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Even if it has a potential for large scale distruction I would prefer a simple implementation to none. You could offer an option for handling duplicate contacts, individually and for all duplicates:
        - ignore
        - import and create duplicate
        - import and overwrite existing
        - import and merge by adding new info
        (You can think of shorter names)

        A second option
        Mac users have an easy way to merge contacts: export contacts as a vcard, import them to Addressbook. Addressbook does a very decent job of merging the contacts. I do not know whether Windows Outlook does this too, but I assume it does.
        Then you could reimport the changed contacts and update all info. This way you would leave the painful merging buiness to Apple/Microsoft.

        Another idea:
        Another program we use asks you to create a contact list with its name, in this case capsule to your Addressbook. With a function "import from addressbook" it reads all contacts in this grop and updates the info. Very convenient!

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